At 1405 m.a.s.l., the exclusive Cafeteria turns a radius of 360° in 20 to 40 minutes (its two pre-set speeds) so the passenger, while enjoying some of the typical mountain gastronomy, can be enchanted with a fascinating landscape.

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360° rotating cafeteria

At 1405 m.a.s.l., the exclusive Cafeteria turns a radius of 360°

360° in 20 to 40 minutes

At 1405 m.a.s.l., the exclusive Cafeteria turns a radius of 360° in 20 to 40 minutes (its two pre-set speeds) and at an almost unnoticeable speed, while passengers enjoy some of the many gastronomic options, at the same time they become enchanted with a unique and fascinating postcard of the entire Nahuel Huapi National Park.


The Rotating Cafeteria, located at the top of Cerro Otto, is shaped by the rotating body itself with up to 2000 people seated.

Turned into an amazing viewpoint, the visitor, comfortably seated at the Rotating Cafeteria, and served by staff specialized in gastronomy, enjoys all the surroundings of Bariloche, the Airport, the routes to: Villa la Angostura - International to Chile through the Puyehue passage and to El Bolsón; the Blest Arm of the Nahuel Huapi Lake through which you can cross to Chile by boat; all the Mountain Range to the West with Tronador as a sentry behind the edges of Catedral and Lopez; Capilla and Millaqueo Hills among others. To the North the Huemul massif with the peninsula of the same name; at the lake Victoria, Huemul and Gallina islands stand upright; you can also glimpse Villegas, Leones, las Buitreras Hills to the East; then Carbón Hill, Ñireco, Ventana and behind them Meta. Gutiérrez Lake closing the circle with Moreno Lake and the Nahuel Huapi stick out and the city lying on its shores that extend up to 36 km, to Llao-Llao on one end and Dina Huapi on the other. It is a real relief map extended at the feet of the traveler, truly magnificent, that uncovers as the Cafeteria slowly rotates.

Cafeteria service

The excellence of the service provided at the Rotating Cafeteria deserves special attention, with its dishes, confectionery and the variety of drinks. Those who enjoy good gastronomic proposals will be able to savor original dishes like Goulash and Spaetzle, Austro-Hungarian style, or a variety of cold smoked regional products: deer, wild boar, trout, salmon, and variety of cheeses, pâtés, pickles, bread and whichever drink you desire.

Also, there is a great offer of delicious cakes, pies with local fruits, crafted cookie sandwiches, coffee, delicious tea, and an exceptional hot chocolate. And for those who choose fast food, there is a variety of cold or hot sandwiches and healthy salads.

Technical specifications

This rotating cafeteria, the first in the country and for many years the only one in South America, has a diameter of 21 m., with up to 200 passengers comfortably seated. It is glazed in its entire circumference with Blindex® hardened glass and has hot-air heating system, which allows passengers to relax after spending some time on outdoor activities, in a pleasant atmosphere to restore energy.

A reinforced concrete anti-seismic structure supports the total construction, and a similar one supports the floating floor that permanently rotates with the typical smoothness and synchronization of a fine Swiss watch. It consists of several circular tracks on which a buggies battery slides moved by 4 specially designed electrical engines.


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