Lifting gear and Teleférico Cerro Otto services’ regulation for users

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Teleférico Cerro Otto Resort

General Regulations

User regulations.


  1. The passage/ticket/voucher is neither transferable nor refundable; it can only be used by the holder; its use by who is not the holder, or infringement to the normal use of this by its holder, authorizes Teleférico Cerro Otto Resort to immediately take away the ticket, and will bring along with full legal rights, without question or notice, and without right to claim, the contract resolution of tickets issued on its consequence, losing the user its rights. In case the ticket is used by third parties (other than the holder) to access the lifting gear, being or not from its family group, will be immediately taken away without the possibility of using the service again.
  2. It is forbidden to deliver the ticket to third parties.
  3. The adulteration or falsification of the ticket is forbidden. If such an attitude is verified, Teleférico Cerro Otto Resort has the legal right to immediately take away the ticket, losing the user its rights, and will bring along with full rights, with no need to request, without notification, and without right to claim, the resolution of the passage contract.
  4. Teleférico Cerro Otto Resort is not responsible in the event of theft, robbery, damage, neglect, or ticket loss. In either case, users must purchase a new ticket at a current public price.
  5. Staff of the Resort may cancel or take away the ticket at any time and place in event of contrary to moral use and good manners, or if at its sole discretion the user incurs in risky behaviors, including those which may jeopardize other’s physical integrity.


  1. ANIMAL ascent is totally prohibited.
  2. Smoking, drinking, or any food inside the shelves of the lifting gear is prohibited.
  3. The ascent with sliding elements, as to be BUM BOARDS is prohibited according to Province Disposition 003/92. Use of the same may lead the application of admission right and to take away the passage without refund. The Company is not responsible for the care of them.
  4. Is prohibited the ascent with snowboard, ski, or any other element or snow equipment unplanned among the activities held at the Resort.
  5. Ascent with Parachutes is prohibited.
  6. Is prohibited the use of the Resort facilities for food consumption, being able to do it in external areas, as long as it does not interfere in those activities being carried out.
  7. Ascent with DRONs (unmanned aerial vehicle) is not allowed. The owner must seek for permission to use it in the surroundings of the lifting gear.


  1. The Company shall not recognize any reimbursement by climatic conditions, or by reasons of force majeure that may lead to the descent/evacuation by land.
  2. Reimbursement of total or partial snow equipment rental will NOT be recognized if passenger does not ascent due to climatic conditions.

Ascent / Descent

  1. The only way of ascent is by lifting gear.
  2. The Company will not be responsible for passengers ascending/descending on their own by foot.

Passenger rules

For the use of lifting gear and to carry out activities in the areas belonging to the Resort, the passenger must respect the rules given by the patrolmen and/or customer service, and/or lifting Gear Operators. The passenger must remain on the authorized perimeter. In case of moving to non-patrolled areas or carrying out an unplanned activity, these actions fall under your responsibility. By non-compliance of these rules, staff of the Resort may show the immediate descent of those who disrespect the rules of behavior in the mountain.

In event of land evacuation, it will be performed by applying the security protocol. The passenger must be focused and must follow the instructions of our Managers and staff.

Operation and usage conditions of the means of passenger transport by cable

  1. The ascent has a duration of 12 minutes, into panoramic shelves totally closed.
  2. The cable railway shelves’ capacity with up to four (4) people seated.
  3. The ascent will be held continuously, according to climatic conditions.
  4. It is not allowed to stand up or change seats during the journey.
  5. The Resort is not responsible for the loss of any sort of forgotten objects in the shelves.
  6. Partial, sectorial, or total paralyze of the means for any reason, including climatic factors, security and/or technical factors, does not entitle to claims of any nature.

Operating conditions

  1. Normal service: Ascent permitted to every passenger.
  2. Conditional service: Possible delays by wind and/or technical factors.
    1. During days with “CONDITIONAL” service, we inform that the Company will not take charge of possible delays by wind, since the delay time cannot be evaluated beforehand. Passengers ascending under this condition must foresee that the time spent in the Resort will be determined by the climatic condition. We recommend to those passengers who have another activity the same day to take into account this consideration.
    2. Under “CONDITIONAL” service, the functioning of this means of transport may be partially suspended, may undergo detention for an unlimited period, and/or permanently close at any time.
    3. In case of ascent with the “CONDITIONAL” service warning, delay claims or refunds of any amount won’t be admitted.

Usage restrictions – Conditional service

Restrictions denote that the ascent will be limited to: children under the age of six (6), women with advanced pregnancy, people with reduced mobility (walking sticks, crutches, wheelchairs, etc), old age, and people with some type of disability certificate.

Interrupted Service

Interrupted Service: Service will be totally or partially interrupted by adverse climatic events, and/or technical reasons which may make totally impossible the ascent/descent by lifting gear, going through conditional to interrupt anytime, anyway, by applying safety protocols


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