Teleferico Cerro Otto…the most popular excursion among graduates

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Teleférico Cerro Otto

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The most popular excursion among graduates

The best student trip to San Carlos de Bariloche includes TELEFERICO CERRO OTTO RESORT!!

Why? Because, besides being the most popular excursion when visitors arrive in Bariloche, all youths that come to have fun, find in our resort a variety of activities to spend an unforgettable day, carefully accompanied by their guides and specialized staff of the cable railway.

Once they arrive at the lower station, located at km 5 on De los Pioneros Av., only 5 minutes away from the city center, they will ascend in panoramic shelves with up to 4 people seated, and under strict rules of international safety, until they arrive at the top, which is 1,400 m.a.s.l.

There, they will be greeted by staff from Teleférico Cerro Otto, who will provide them all necessary information referred to the activities they will be doing and the safety measures so that they can enjoy without risks.

THE OTTO HOUSE MUSIC STUDENT SERVICE includes, besides the ascent/descent in the shelves, different options according to the season:

In Winter, when the mountain is snow-covered, the main activity takes place in the SLED TRACKS, sliding down the mountain slope, while banked sharp curves are covered till the end of the last track, always under the care of the resort staff.

At the end of the tracks, to avoid ascent by foot and to optimize time of permanence in the mountain, the Funicular de la Cumbre (Funicular at the Top) will be waiting for them, a modern means of transport, unique of its type in the country and built entirely in Bariloche with own engineering and workforce, that will take them right to the start again. It consists of two units, with glazed bodywork, which allows them to enjoy the landscape surrounding.

The STUDENT SERVICE has also as a proposal, mainly in periods without snow, the OTTO CIRCUIT which includes: crossing through a hanging bridge of 35 meters long, while lakes and mountains stick out around and a forest maze, in which they have to find the correct way out after several attempts.

Once outdoor activities have been completed, the fun continues in Otto House Music, a welcoming mountain disco located inside the resort, where they will be received by our DJ, an expert entertaining teenagers, who will enliven the funniest night during the day, with excellent music, special effects, and raffles, while students recover energies tasting homemade cookie sandwiches and a hot chocolate before the trip back to the lower station. In our disco, they will meet young people from different latitudes, and will be able to exchange experiences and even make beautiful friendships that, according to the stories transmitted by those who return once and again to the cable railway, become lasting and deep!

Companies which transfer youths in their student trip to Bariloche, choose Teleférico Cerro Otto because, after years of experience, it has been proved that this is the excursion where they healthily enjoy, surrounded by an incomparable nature, with the finest images of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, and very well cared by our staff.

Teleférico Cerro Otto Resort, the place where young people will crown their student trip living unique and unforgettable experiences!


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Teleférico Cerro Otto

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